Architectural Design & Build Construction Services

Whether you want to remodel your kitchen add a new room, remodel your basement, or add a new and updated deck to your home, count on AJL Design & Construction.  Call to receive detailed architectural design and construction services from our company.
Kitchen, Architectural Design in Bath, OH

Through a consultation, we will design your idea to your exact specifications and bring them to life. We also help enhance your idea by making valuable suggestions that match your style and budget.

Quality Construction Work
Keeping open communication during the project ensures that you are satisfied with the construction process. From start to finish we keep the site clean, follow the design specifications, stay within budget, and finish on time. You WILL receive the highest quality workmanship possible.

CCQ - Clean Complete Quality
Every construction project goes through our Clean - Complete - Quality possess, or CCQ. The AJL Design Team CCQ process is the foundation of our construction company

Let our team DESIGN and BUILD the dream project for you!

Contact us to request a construction design or services estimate for your home.